I'm 1 of 4 finalists, please vote for me!

I am really excited to announce that I have been nominated for the MomFest Awards Gala in the category of “Side Hustler”! (You know, for being a research analyst by day and an artist by night - actually these days its Mat leave mom by day and entrepreneur by night!)

I need your support now! Please take a moment to vote at

I am really excited about this honour and opportunity. If you are feeling really inspired, you can vote for me each day from all of your devices from now until October 8th! Stay tuned as the winner will be announced at on October 18th in Toronto! Better yet, come and cheer me on from the side lines- grab a ticket now! This is a 19+ event and everyone is welcome to attend ( not just moms)!

Also check out all the amazing moms, entrepreneurs, community featured at momfest - an event being thrown by Mom Halo with the goal of raising 1 million dollars for sick kids - a cause that's close to my heart!

Thank you and happy voting! 

- Farhana

ABOUT THE MOM HALO (in their own words):


Mom Halo is redefining maternity leave. We are a group of open minded, fun loving moms who are making our mark by ensuring no mom is left behind in the trials and tribulations of motherhood. There is truly no sisterhood like motherhood and we are in it together.

What is the goal of Mom Halo?

Mom Halo aims to create a millennial mom movement. We are changing the face of maternity leave in Toronto forever. Our goal is simple- We make moms feel like they had a good day by doing something good for themselves and their babies.

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